FEYNMAN at the Knitting Factory, NYC (2005)

"Feynman is essentially a one-man show for baritone, with four percussionists and electronics. The music is often inventive and attractive, now lyrical, now jazzy. The text flits about with Joycean abandon. The performances, especially that of the crack ensemble So Percussion, with the players required to interact physically with Mr. Cavalieri, as well as tend to strenuous musical demands, were game and compelling."

-James Oestreich, The New York Times

"The libretto, by Paul Schick, avoids a strict chronological narrative, mirroring the fact that Feynman believed that there is, on a subatomic level, a nonlinear aspect of time that's hard to get across on our normal everyday experience."

-Brian Wise, The New York Times

"Real Time Opera staged the piece amidst translucent screens, evocative lighting and both prerecorded and live video projections, making far better use of the Knitting Factory's meager stage than I would have imagined possible… It was rich, engrossing stuff, and ideal fodder for the Lincoln Center Festival or BAM's Harvey Theater. (Hint, hint.) Baritone Michael Cavalieri gave a winning performance, speaking and singing lines from scientific treatises and a love letter to Feynman's wife, ticking off historical events, wandering the tiny stage and scrawling theorems and doodles on the floor."

-Steve Smith of Time Out New York